Dirty Dirty Pirates: Chaotic Multiplayer Mayhem by King Hat - Available Now!

Set sail for an epic adventure with Dirty Dirty Pirates, the fast-paced local multiplayer fighting game by King Hat. Immerse yourself in a looped battleground of madness, where reflexes and improvisation are key to victory. Engage in blood-soaked, top-down battles with 2-4 players, pouncing on downed pirates and choosing your killing method. Experience gratifying kill cams and wield weapons with a mind of their own. Slay your foes in diverse landscapes and customize the chaos to your liking. Note: Local multiplayer game, find a comfy couch or play with Steam Remote Play for the ultimate pirate showdown!

General Information

Developer - King Hat

Publisher - King Hat

Genre - Action, Pirates, Local Multiplayer, Funny, Casual, Physics, Controller

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 13 Feb, 2024

Ahoy! Dirty Dirty Pirates is a chaotic, local multiplayer fighting game, set in a looped battleground of madness.

Embark on a swashbuckling journey with Dirty Dirty Pirates

The latest creation by King Hat that promises a riveting gaming experience like no other. In this chaotic local multiplayer fighting game, you take on the role of a dirty scallywag with nothing to lose. Fast-paced and player-versus-player, Dirty Dirty Pirates demands quick reflexes and improvisation to emerge victorious in frenzied battles set in a looped battleground of madness.

Engage in local-multiplayer mayhem as you brawl with 2-4 players in a top-down, blood-soaked pirate battleground not for the faint of heart. The chaotic looped battleground introduces unique ways to slay your enemies or even yourself as you and your thrown weapons wrap around the level.

Experience the thrill of the pounce and execute feature, allowing you to mount a downed pirate and choose your killing method. The game offers gratifying kill cams, letting you watch the final match moments in slow motion and celebrate the brutality of your victories.

But beware, the weapons in Dirty Dirty Pirates have a mind of their own! Pointy and eager to impale, they follow you, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. Will you hide, catch, or roll to outsmart these weapons? The choice is yours, ya buccaneer!

Slay your foes in diverse lands, from ship docks to ancient jungle ruins, desert, caves, and icy tundras. Customize the chaos by adjusting the blood/gore settings to your liking or enabling color-blind mode for an inclusive gaming experience.

Please note that Dirty Dirty Pirates is a local multiplayer game without online gameplay. For the best experience, gather your friendly mateys on a comfy couch or connect through Steam Remote Play. Are you ready to unleash the hilarious brutality and become the ultimate dirty pirate on the high seas?

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