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Demon Skin by Ludus future and Buka Entertainment Now on Steam

Demon Skin is a hard-hitting dark fantasy brawler with tactical stance-based combat and perilous platforming elements.

General Information

Developer - Ludus future

Publisher - Buka Entertainment

Date Released - 13 April 2021

Platform(s): PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Genre - Action, Hack and Slash, Side Scroller, Dark3D

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Demon Skin plunges players into an epic struggle against ever-increasing odds.

Smash and crash your way through deadly realms and rip weapons from the cold, dead claws of slain demons in a relentless, battle-strewn adventure brimming with devious traps and hulking bosses.

Level-up your warrior, hunt down secret artifacts and master the art of juggling weapons (occasionally hurling one into a crowd to split enemy skulls, of course) until you’re unstoppable.

The demons won’t know what hit them...


Sophisticated combat system. Improve your skills by mastering various stances for lightning-fast parrying and inflicting maximum damage with spectacular finishing moves! Keep an eye on the level of stamina and other indicators of the character’s physical condition - all these features directly affect the outcome of the battle.

An extensive skill tree. Gain experience to learn new combos and enhance health, stamina, and attack power.

Dozens of enemy types. From skeletons, zombies, and spiders to werewolves, lizards, and golems - fighting each of them requires a different approach.

Huge arsenal for killing monsters. There are more than 30 types of edged and blunt weapons at your disposal and each type is only effective against a certain type of enemies. You can even destroy enemies with your bare hands - it’s not as effective but still a lot of fun.

Secrets and artifacts. Some rare and ancient artifact weapons are hidden in the secret places of the game world. Find it to unlock the impressive super skills after achieving a certain level.

A demon on the outside, a demon within. Collect shards of Crystal and become even stronger, build up your bone armour and turn into a fearsome demon.

Gloomy landscapes in the spirit of dark fantasy: from the icy wastelands and deep dungeons to the twilight forests and abodes of the undead, this cruel world lives a life of its own, but terrifying creatures that inhabit it are not always hostile. On your way, you will not only meet enemies but also powerful allies.

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