Death Track: Resurrection by 1C Company and SkyFallen Entertainment

Death Track: Resurrection is a successor of the legendary Death Track, one of the founders of the combat racing genre.

General Information

Developer - SkyFallen Entertainment

Publisher - 1C Company

Release - 2009

Platform(s) - Steam, PC

Number of Players - multiplayer

Genre - Racing

Death Track: Resurrection is a racing / action title that plunges players into in the not too distant future, into a world of chaos. Traditional sports are replaced by far more aggressive, violent and thrilling type of entertainment the public screams for more.

The attention of the Earth population is drawn to the main event of the year - "The Survival Race". This is a World Tournament that takes place in the largest cities across the globe. Powerful vehicles and spectacular road battles are performed by world-renown drivers. This tournament, its fame and of course money attracts more and more new pilots every day.

The main character of the game is a rookie driver who enters the tournament for the first time. Soon enough it becomes clear that the battle on the track is not always fair. To achieve top results, a belief that the end justifies the means is required. On his way to the top he will have to win many races and battles, eliminate numerous enemies and become a witness to great treachery.

- 10 cities of the future: Bangkok, Vatican City, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, San Diego, Istanbul and Tokyo
- Modern graphics and stunning visuals
- 5 racing modes with over 100 km of tracks
- 10 powerful cars with different upgrades and skins
- Deadly weapons, mines, guided robots and different kinds of bonuses
- Breathtaking stunts
- In-game videos move the thrilling detective story
Modern graphic technologies - Bump, Specular, Parallax, Dynamic shadow & lights, Refraction and Bloom buffers, Sub Surface Scattering
- Exclusive soundtrack

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