Dark Chess - Enter the Shadowy Realms of Strategic Chess with a Revolutionary Twist

Embark on a thrilling journey with Dark Chess, a visually breathtaking adaptation that adds a layer of strategic depth to the timeless classic. Challenge renowned monarchs, navigate puzzles, and test your mettle as a grandmaster. PvP mode, customizable avatars, and accolades await. Available now on Steam!

General Information

Developer - Tall Troll Games

Publisher - Tall Troll Games, Hawthorn Games

Genre - Chess, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Puzzle, Turn-Based Tactics, Tabletop, Multiplayer, Board Game

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 28 Feb, 2023

Available On


THIS IS NOT CLASSIC CHESS! Dark Chess is a game of chess with fog of war, story-driven campaign with challenges, traps & puzzles. A game-changing feature to conceal enemy army, add more fun and intrigue to a timeless classic. Fight your way through the Campaign or beat your friends and foes in PvP!

Dark Chess, developed by Tall Troll Games and Hawthorn Games, is a captivating and revolutionary take on the classic game of chess.

Immerse yourself in a shadowy realm where the battlefield is concealed by the Fog of War, introducing an entirely new dimension of intrigue and suspense.

In this extraordinary adaptation, you have the ability to hide your battle formations from your opponents, redefining the game with an added layer of strategic depth. Engage in a riveting campaign where you'll duel against history's most renowned monarchs, each presenting their unique chess game and conundrums. Quick decisions, tactical thinking, and risk-taking are essential to prevail in this challenging chess experience.

Dark Chess invites you to challenge the strategic might of iconic figures such as Genghis Khan, King Solomon, Ivan the Terrible, Queen Elizabeth, and Empress Cixi. However, be wary, as these historical giants do not always play by the book. It's up to you to show them your triumphs, regardless of the tricks they have up their sleeves.

The game offers various modes to cater to different preferences. Compete with real people in PvP mode, testing your skills against clever and tricky opponents. Whether you seek a relaxing session with friends or a fiercely competitive duel, Dark Chess accommodates all players. Personalize your avatar and profile to showcase your unique style and leave a lasting mark on the mystical chessboard.

Dark Chess boasts stunning visuals and a fully narrated, story-driven campaign that will keep you engaged from start to finish. As you navigate through the devious traps, tantalizing puzzles, and challenges, you'll truly feel the mettle of a grandmaster being tested.

It's worth noting that Dark Chess has already garnered recognition and accolades on other platforms prior to its PC release. The game has won the Great Idea Award at the 2019 BELGAMEDEV event, the Best Game (1st place) Award at the Big Indie Pitch, and the People's Choice Indie Game award at the GAMEDEV Days show. Additionally, it has been nominated for Best Estonian Game at the GDWC 2022 Awards and Best Visual Art and Design at the CJXGC 2022.

Experience the mystical and strategic journey of Dark Chess, where every move counts and the fog of war adds a thrilling twist to the timeless classic. Are you ready to enter the shadowy realms and prove your worth as a grandmaster? Dark Chess is now available on Steam, inviting you to indulge in a truly unique and captivating chess experience.

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