Commodore tv game 2000k/3000h video game Console

Commodore tv game 2000k/3000h video game Console

Even if the devices were very different in design, they were essentially the same inside. One could therefore play with both variants of the following games:

General Information

Nintendo Color TV game block breaker

Developer - Commodore International

Publisher - Commodore International

Release - 1975

Platform - Commodore 2000K /Commodore TV Game 3000H

Number of players - 1P / 4P

Nintendo Color TV game block breaker

Target (with optional light gun, so-called Lightgun )




All games were with up to four players at the same time and playable in different difficulty levels. For this purpose, the games had to be set in the 2000 model with a turntable while they were pre-selected in the 3000s with a slider on the device. The two levels of difficulty were set using buttons or sliding switches.

The 2000 model was black and could handle up to four knobs, two of which could be parked in the unit's pockets. In the case of the Model 3000, on the other hand, the housing color White was selected and the four controllers were designed as sliding controls, which connoisseurs regard, at least today, as a step backwards in the design to the detriment of operation. The devices could alternatively be operated with the included power supply or with six AA batteries.

These devices were distributed only in Europe. The inscription for it was English or German. The device was therefore designed in its known variants for the PAL video standard. Individual details today indicate that even an NTSC version, presumably for the US market, was at least thought about, if not prepared.

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