Color tv game 6 by Nintendo R&D2 released 1977

General Information

Developer - Nintendo

Publisher - Nintendo

Release - 1977

Platform - Color TV-Game 6

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Telstar Sportsman
Telstar Sportsman

The series debuted on June 1, 1977 with the Color TV-Game 6.

The Color TV-Game 6 was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Electronics. It contains six variations of Light Tennis (or Pong) including Tennis, Hockey and Volleyball; each one can be played in singles or doubles mode. The players control their paddles with dials attached directly to the machine. Additionally, as an alternative to the standard version, a white-colored C battery powered model of the Color TV-Game 6 was introduced. These white colored consoles had a limited run of only a few hundred units.

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