The Telstar Marksman is a first-generation video game console

General Information

Developer - Coleco

Publisher - Coleco

Release - 1978

Platform - Telstar Marksman

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Telstar Marksman
Telstar Marksman

The Telstar Marksman was released by Coleco in 1978. Because it had a manufacturer-set number of games, it is considered a dedicated console.

It was part of a series of Coleco Telstar Pong-based consoles; it is essentially a Telstar Colortron bundled with a "3 in 1" light gun and two shooting games.

The Marksman light gun is a pistol that features an attachable stock and barrel. It is similar in this regard to the later-released Stack Light Rifle and the Sega Menacer. The elongated barrel included a simple aiming sight. In addition to the light gun, the system featured two paddle controllers built directly into the console. Its reported features included "on-screen digital scoring" and three different difficulty settings (beginner, intermediate, pro). It required two nine-volt batteries or Coleco's Perma Power AC adaptor to power the system.

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