Telstar Deluxe aka Video World Of Sports

Coleco Telstar Gemini Release in 1977

The Coleco Telstar Gemini looks like a common pong video game system. However it doesn't play the common pong games.

General Information

Coleco Telstar Gemini

Developer - Coleco

Publisher - Coleco

Release - 1977

Platform - Telstar Gemini

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Coleco Telstar Gemini

This one offers 2 kind of games: Shooting games and Pinball games. A gun is available for it.

The pinball game display is totally adjustable: 3 sliding knobs (on the left side of the unit) can adjust the playfield (bumpers and chutes) up and down so you have completely different ball action in each game. These are also very useful when the ball is can move them enabling the ball to get unstuck. The scoring is also very complex depending on what you're hitting with your ball, including "special" scoring like in real pinballs. There are 2 playfields available.

The shooting games are more simple: one is a 2 player game where you have to hit the target before it disappears, and the other is a moving target shooting game.