The Coleco Telstar Colortron home gaming system

General Information

Developer - Coleco

Publisher - Coleco

Release - 1978

Platform - Telstar Colortron

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Telstar Colortron
Telstar Colortron

The Coleco Telstar Colortron is In color and is quite small and the controllers (dials) are built-in the console.

It also has a digital pushbutton game selector, color (thanks to the AY-3-8510 chipset), and a special piezzo electric beeper (which requires an additional battery).

There's a 3 positions switch that controls difficulty (beginner : slow ball, big paddles / advanced : fast ball, big paddles / expert : fast ball, small paddles). Built in sound, fixed paddles. Games are Pongvariants. Uses two nine-volt batteries or an optional AC adapter. The games are Tennis Hockey Handball and Jai-alai

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