Treasured Finds by Cawood Publishing Dungeon Master handbook

Monsters of Feyland

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Publisher - Cawood Publishing

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Give your players the loot they deserve! Treasured Finds is the newest bestselling Dungeon Master handbook from Cawood Publishing.

There is a lot of great loot in the DMG, now we organized it for you!

This 56-page book is divided into two general sections; Individual Treasure and Treasure Hoards. You can choose loot from the easy-to-use tables or roll for a random selection.

A number of extras are also included:

  • Magic Items tables for individual NPCs or monsters
  • Numerous kinds of treasure chests with descriptions and traps
  • Monster tables to add creatures who could guard the treasure
  • NPC stat blocks if you want to use them as guardians. Levels 5 and 10, every class.
  • Locations table for ideas of where to put the treasure hoards
  • Containers table, if you don't want to use a treasure chest
  • Traps and tricks tables
  • Additional items tables; weapons, armor, adventuring gear, and mundane items
Treasured Finds
Treasured Finds
Treasured Finds
Treasured Finds
Treasured Finds

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