The World of Myrr by Cawood Publishing. Myrr 5e Campaign Setting

The World of Myrr mirrors our world! Political upheaval and natural disasters are coming!.

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Publisher - Cawood Publishing

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This is Myrr (MEER), the first of nine continents in the World of Myrr. Myrr was known as a peaceful place...not anymore...

Oswald Myrr, a legendary wizard, has changed the world forever. The political and natural balance has been upset by his sizeable intellect.

On the continent of Myrr, the vampires' alliance with the devils is the biggest threat to peace. Powerful leaders in the cities of Wyld and Stonehelm are making aggressive moves.

The bandit lords of the Southern Territories are threatening to move north. Even the serene, elven Nerathian Kingdom has been infiltrated by dark elf spies. In the Northwest, many are worried about the might of the Barbarian army. Many shadowy thieves and monks are making folk nervous. And then there are the orcs, goblins, giants, and dragons!

However, there is some hope for peace. The true knighthoods stand up to evil, and honor still has its place in the Fighters' Guild. Some wizards on the Wizard Council have their hearts in the right place. The most powerful forces of good might well be the Inner Sons monk brotherhood or the warrior clerics known as the Ro Gard.

PDF available HERE!

The 300-page book includes:

  • Over 70 detailed settlements (villages, towns, and cities)
  • Unique lore, with a timeline included
  • Over 40 adventure hooks
  • Detailed maps including a separate booklet and high quality map of Myrr
  • Detailed geographic features
  • Thirty new monsters
  • Over 250 NPC descriptions
  • A unique pantheon with over 50 deities
  • Over 50 different factions
  • 43 pages of encounter tables
  • 43 pages of corresponding monster lists, organized by challenge ratings
  • Over 300 detailed inns and taverns
  • Tavern menu list

PDF available HERE!


PDF available HERE!


PDF available HERE!