Embark on a 200-Hour Caribbean Adventure in the Golden Age of Piracy RPG – Caribbean Legend by BlackMark Studio

Set sail for the ultimate open-world RPG experience with Caribbean Legend by BlackMark Studio and Valkyrie Initiative. Immerse yourself in the 1654 AD Caribbean, where opportunities and mysteries await. Assume the role of Charles de Maure, a noble rising to power, as you plunder, explore, build colonies, and engage in intense naval combat. Customize your character, manage your crew, and conquer the seas in this 200-hour adventure.

General Information

Developer - BlackMark Studio

Publisher - BlackMark Studio, Valkyrie Initiative

Genre - RPG, Open World, Pirates, Romance, Naval, CRPG, Sandbox

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 15 Feb, 2024

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An open-world RPG, set in the Golden Age of Caribbean piracy. Embark on a 200-hour-long adventure, plunder cities and ships, explore the unknown, discover treasures, forge friendships, earn bounties on your head, and charm the ladies on your path to ultimate freedom!

Dive into the immersive world of Caribbean Legend

A captivating open-world RPG by BlackMark Studio and Valkyrie Initiative. Step into the shoes of Charles de Maure, a young French noble, and embark on a 200-hour-long journey through the Golden Age of Caribbean piracy.

As the captain of your destiny, choose your path – undertake hundreds of quests, engage in freeplay, rush through the story, or combine both for a truly unique experience. The historical narrative, infused with mystique, unfolds in 1654 AD, presenting a rich tapestry of opportunities and mysteries.

Explore romantic interests, choose from various career options, and build your very own colony on dozens of islands and settlements. From taverns and shipyards to caves and lost cities, every corner of the Caribbean holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. Engage in treasure hunting, gambling, and dynamic weather as you navigate the serene turquoise sea.

Command dozens of ships, customize, upgrade, and engage in unforgiving naval combat and intense boarding action. Collect unique vessels, manage booty distribution, morale, and face the threat of mutinies. Assemble a formidable team of officers and tailor your character's build – whether a heavy swordsman, nimble rogue, master sharpshooter, or silver-tongued diplomat.

Equip yourself and companions with a wide array of weapons, craft essential items, and seek out challenges that strengthen both you and your character. From raiding to sieges, command military operations and shape your legacy in the Caribbean Legend RPG – the ultimate blend of adventure, strategy, and piracy. Get ready to seize the ultimate booty and rule the seas!

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