Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 by Red Dot Games and PlayWay S.A. Out Now

Experience the ultimate car service empire in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, a highly realistic simulation game by Red Dot Games and PlayWay S.A.

General Information

Developer - Red Dot Games

Publisher - PlayWay S.A.

Genre - Simulation, Automobile Sim, Sandbox, Realistic, Racing, Moddable, Driving

Platform(s) - Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, PS Japan, PC

Date Released - 11 Aug, 2021

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Buy cars at auction, expand your services, and invest in new equipment. Out now!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is an immersive simulation game where players start as the owner of a car garage and work their way to a service empire.

With over 72 cars to fix and more than 4000 unique parts to work on, players can get their hands dirty and experience a realistic garage environment. The game offers various activities such as repairing, fixing, testing, painting, tuning, and rebuilding cars, as well as visiting auctions and exploring barns to find hidden gems.

The game also offers an infinitely generated number of orders and specially crafted story missions with unique requirements and challenges. Players can upgrade their workshop and invest in new equipment to expand their range of services. They can also buy their own ride and make it pristine from the rusty shell of a car to a top vehicle in perfect condition.

The game offers various features such as car fluids, car wash with new grime-removing machines, new damage type for body parts, paintable mechanical car parts, and new engine sounds.

It also includes minigames, a brake lathe tool, quality upgrade system, fuseboxes, new parking system, salvage auctions, revised part-examine mode, visual customization body parts, car configurator, and rusted bolts. With endless gameplay and a race track with time trial, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is the ultimate game for car enthusiasts who love to get their hands dirty and experience the thrill of fixing and upgrading cars.

There is also a number of download extension's for the game all of which have very positive reviews such as Ford Remastered DLC you can view them all on PC here

car-mechanic-simulator-2021 car-mechanic-simulator-2021 car-mechanic-simulator-2021

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