Cantata: Uncover Secrets on the Vibrant Planet Shoal | Grand Tactics Game

Experience Cantata, the genre-defining grand tactics game by Cantata Afterschool Studio and Modern Wolf. Command factions, explore the enigmatic planet of Shoal, and engage in small-scale skirmishes with local and online multiplayer.

General Information

Developer - Afterschool Studio

Publisher - Modern Wolf

Genre - Early Access, Strategy, Sandbox, Pixel Graphics, Management, Moddable, Level Editor

Platform(s) - Steam ( PC )

Date Released - 12 May, 2022

Available On

Steam Games

Crash-landed in the universe of Cantata, will you expand your empire or bring peace to the war torn planet? Grow your army, manage resources and discover the colourful planet of Shoal, its people, and the armed forces overrunning this land in this genre-defining Grand Tactics game.

Embark on a Grand Strategy Journey

Crash-land into the captivating universe of Cantata, brought to you by Cantata Afterschool Studio and Modern Wolf. Will you expand your empire's influence or strive for peace on the war-torn planet Shoal? This genre-defining Grand Tactics game invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant landscapes, strategic depth, and compelling narrative.

A World of Mystery and Conflict

Shoal, a colossal lifeform with psionic sentience, holds both wonder and peril. As you grapple with the tensions between humanity and the machine uprising known as the Unified Spirit, you'll uncover the People of Sun and Shadow's determination to protect their home. This dynamic universe is a unique blend of legends, gods, and creatures intertwined with the very fabric of reality.

A Unique Gameplay Experience

Cantata offers a groundbreaking blend of Grand Strategy and classic Tactics gameplay. Lead your forces with strategic brilliance, building structures, managing resources, and expanding your army as you navigate the multifaceted conflict on Shoal. Make crucial decisions, for every move has far-reaching consequences on both your empire and the planet itself.

Unveil the Secrets of Shoal

Explore the vivid and mysterious planet of Shoal through standalone campaign chapters, each unveiling a piece of the intricate factions' histories. Dive deep into the lore as you uncover secrets and hidden resources that can turn the tide of battle. Beware, as the planet itself is a dynamic force, influencing the outcome with weather, fauna, and unexpected mysteries.

Craft Your Own Tale

Cantata empowers you to become a storyteller. Create custom maps and units using the same tools that shaped the campaign's landscapes. Forge epic battles, unique challenges, and personalized scenarios to share with the Cantata community through the Steam Workshop. Will you be the architect of a planet-sized conflict or the mastermind behind intricate skirmishes?

Unite or Conquer

Engage in both local and online multiplayer modes, pitting your strategies against friends and foes alike. Claim regions, strategize ambushes, and outmaneuver your opponents in battles that will test your wit and tactical prowess. Cut off supply lines, devise unexpected tactics, and shape the outcome of each encounter.

Secure Your Copy Today

Cantata will be available on PC through Steam, providing you with an immersive journey to Shoal's unique realm. Experience the grandeur, strategy, and endless possibilities of Cantata as you navigate a dynamic universe filled with vibrant colors, enigmatic characters, and an evocative soundtrack that resonates through space. Embrace the role of a commanding officer, shape the fate of factions, and chart your course towards peace, dominance, or something altogether unexpected. Your story awaits on the planet Shoal.

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