Call of Sentinels by A17 Games - Unleash Your Power in this Epic Action Game!

Dive into the thrilling world of Call of Sentinels, an action-packed game by A17 Games. Challenge real evil in epic battles, face bloodthirsty enemies, and summon the power of the Sentinels to defend the kingdom of Hevalos. Inspired by Hades, Crimsonland, and Vampire Survivors, choose your strategy wisely, confront sinister deities, and prove your unmatched power against mighty bosses. Are you ready for an unforgettable gaming adventure?

General Information

Developer - A17 Games

Publisher - A17 Games

Genre - Early Access, Adventure, Action, Beat 'em up, Roguelike, Action RPG, Action Roguelike

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 11 Jan, 2024

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Call of Sentinels is an exciting action game where you will have to challenge real evil! Epic battles await you with hordes of diverse enemies and powerful bosses that will not leave you indifferent.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Call of Sentinels

A gripping action game crafted by A17 Games. In this immersive experience, players are thrust into a world where darkness has gripped the kingdom of Hevalos, and only the power of the Sentinels can stand against the impending evil.

Inspired by acclaimed titles like Hades, Crimsonland, and Vampire Survivors, 'Call of Sentinels' offers an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience. Engage in epic battles against diverse enemies and formidable bosses, each encounter more thrilling than the last.

The storyline unfolds as you confront the minions of a sinister deity threatening the peace of Hevalos. Bloodthirsty barbarians, malicious monsters, and dreadful spirits relentlessly thirst for your blood, and it's your mission to destroy them all.

What sets 'Call of Sentinels' apart is the freedom it grants you in choosing your fighting style. The Sentinels, powerful guardians of the elements, are at your command. Make strategic decisions, assemble unbeatable combinations, and unleash your might on the forces of darkness.

Crush mighty bosses in epic showdowns, showcasing that your power is unparalleled. Prove to the gaming world that no one can compare to your skills and strategy.

With 'Call of Sentinels,' A17 Games invites you to rise against the darkness, stand up for defense, and become the hero Hevalos desperately needs. Are you prepared to face the challenge and leave your mark on this unforgettable journey?

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