Fatal Fight Cards
by Void Arts.

Fatal Fight Cards has been in development since May 2017 by Kris from Void Arts.

Fatal Fight Cards

General Information

Developer - Void Arts

Publisher - Void Arts

Release - March 2020

Website - www.voidarts8.wixsite.com/fatalfightcards

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Fatal Fight Cards (FFC) is a fast pace, deck building fighting card game. It's designed to feel like an arcade fighting game, with an emphasis on performing combos and keeping the pressure on your opponent. FFC is intended for both new players and those who are familiar with card games, it’s mechanics are simple and immediately accessible, over time players discover a layer of elegance that rewards their decisions.

Instead of focusing on the many intricacies of arcade fighting games, a single round in FFC is more like a highlight reel moment. FFC is different because the flow of the game is completely in control of the players, there is no back and forth turn structure, all decisions happen simultaneously.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s a word from some of the best playtesters I’ve had!

Playtester Testimonials

Testimonial 1:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with FFC. We all enjoy fighting games quite a bit, and I know I've personally lost a small fortune in quarters to arcades because of it. Our experience with card games has involved many different forms of combat, so the idea of a fighting card game would not sound particularly new, but Fatal Fight Cards has found a way of creating a unique experience.

As the design advanced, the methods of deciding how to act moment-to-moment began to feel more controllable, and the combat became more visceral. Fast action and tremendous potential for punishment meant no fight was really ever too one-sided, and could easily end in an upset. Every strike matters, and every punch hurts.

I found the game truly emulating my experiences with the likes of Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and Mortal Kombat, and now that the gameplay has me hooked. As it stands, FFC's fast and brutal 1v1 deathmatch playstyle always provides the fun for a quick and interesting test of a player's ability to plan and react under pressure.

Testimonial 2:

As a long-time player of fighting video games, I can tell you that Fatal Fight Cards embodies many of the same emotions! The gameplay was engaging, fun, and definitely stoked the flames of both old and current rivalries. I was most impressed by the special abilities that each fighter possesses. Much like in a real fight, these abilities can really affect the flow of battle, but only if used properly. The combo system was another beautiful feature that allowed for some very dynamic play. Even the spectators remained engaged as the combatants pounded each other into utter exhaustion. Good mechanics, challenging strategic gameplay, and plenty of room for upsets! Get your friends together and beat the absolute sense out of each other until only one remains bloodied and satisfied.

fatal fight cards

Vital Statistics

Name: Angela Mathews

Nickname: [Classified]

Martial Art: Taekwondo

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 143lbs / 65kg

Age: 25

A soldier of fortune who earned a reputation for fighting against drug dealers and human traffickers, Angela is cool under pressure and quick as a viper, her combat armour is designed for maximum mobility and devestating damage with her kicks. Angela's 360 TORNADO KICK is a force of nature!

fatal fight cards

Vital Statistics

Name: No english translation

Nickname: King

Martial Art: Muay Thai

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 176lbs / 80kg

Age: 28

Yet to be dethroned by younger challengers in his homeland of Thailand, King earned his title as a pro muay-thai champion by dominating his opponents in the ring, his savage knees and elbows will crush all who stand in his way, especially when he leaps in with his destructive SOK KU! technique.

fatal fight cards

Vital Statistics

Name:Rikali Ann Wattson

Nickname: QUEEN

Martial Art: Mixed Martial Arts

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120lbs / 54kg

Age: 22

Rikali was dubbed with the ring name QUEEN due to her affectation of a particular sportsware brand, but don't let that fool you! QUEEN is a fearless and tactical fighter, who favors bringing her opponents to the ground, and unleashing her favourite GROUND AND POUND attack.

fatal fight cards

Vital Statistics

Name: Roku [Family name withheld]

Nickname: -

Martial Art: Karate

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 165lbs / 75kg

Age: 30

Coming from a shady past among the Yakuza, Roku is a stoic man of few words who practices karate as a means of self disicpline, and to maintain balance in his life. But that doesn't stop him from destroying foolish challengers with strikes as hard as steel, especially when they are unlucky enough to suffer the power of Roku's signature technique, TETSUI USHIRO KUBI!