Bless Unleashed by Round 8 Studio, NEOWIZ and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, Inc.

Bless Unleashed takes place in the untamed world of Lumios and presents a rich backstory created with hardcore MMO players in mind.

General Information

Developer - Round 8 Studio, NEOWIZ

Publisher - BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, Inc.

Release - March 12, 2020

Platform(s) - Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Number of Players - Multiplayer

Genre - MMORPG, Action

The game features deep combo-driven mechanics, player customization, and cooperative (PvE) and competitive (PvP) multiplayer.

Currently, the land of Lumios features 14 zones for players to explore and battle against countless foes within. There are nine powerful Field Bosses scattered across the wilds and more than 40 Elite Bosses who drop amazing rewards for heroes who can defeat them. Additionally, there are nine unique Dungeons to explore, enabling players to truly feel the dangers of Lumios. Players may also engage in battle across 10 Arena Challenges and 11 Lairs belonging to powerful foes who eagerly wait to dispatch unprepared adventurers.

Developed using Unreal® Engine 4, Bless Unleashed brings unparalleled visuals to a fully realized fantasy world, offering one of the most stunning MMORPGs developed specifically for console players. Players adventure across an open persistent world where mythical beasts roam the land and player vs. player battles can take place at any time.

Key Features

A Visually Stunning MMORPG Experience - Utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, the game brings unparalleled visuals and deep gameplay mechanics which offer one of the most beautiful MMORPGs built for a console platform.

Combo-Driven Gameplay - Survive a menagerie of mythical beasts and other players with deep and rewarding combat system that features skillful combo mechanics coupled with action-oriented combat with dodging. A progression system handcrafted for online play and an integrated players-vs-player (PVP) mode provide added challenges and rewards at every turn.

An Immersive Fantasy World - Dive into an open persistent world with a rich backstory and an intricate plot as players uncover divine secrets on their journey to defeat the return of an evil goddess.

A MMORPG Built for Modern Consoles - Built from the ground up to be a comprehensively and robustly supported live service, every aspect, from story to combat to skill progression, has been carefully crafted with the console experience in mind.

Classic Fantasy with a Twist – Choose between five classic fantasy jobs, including the arcane wielding Mage or the bloodthirsty Berserker. Travel the world in search of the truth about the gods with other adventurers and experience a personal brush with divinity.

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