a plague tale

Bike Baron 2 by Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

Bike Baron 2 is OUT NOW! The best way to crash your motorbike in style from the safety of your room!

General Information

Developer - Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

Publisher - Mountain Sheep, Mureena

Release - 2021

Platform(s) - iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Steam

Number of Players - Single Player, Multiplayer

Genre - Action game, Racing

In Bike Baron 2, monster jumps and hazardous contraptions mix with platforming and puzzle elements to spectacular effect. Put the tight physics and pixel-perfect controls to the test, and make each cartoony incident as fun as every hard-won victory!

Bike Baron 2 is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Featuring 50 racing tracks to start with daily tournaments, online challenges and regular content updates, Bike Baron 2 is the ultimate ticket to adrenaline-fuelled mayhem with tight physics and pixel-perfect controls. Featuring insane tracks, immense replayability and a humorous setting, Bike Baron 2 is the best way to crash your motorbike in the safety of your own room!

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