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Dive into the futuristic world of 'Beyond Sunset,' a cyberpunk first-person shooter with gripping RPG elements. Play as Lucy, a street samurai with lost memories, navigating open levels infested with yakuza, zombies, robots, and powerful bosses. Upgrade weapons, master combat skills, and explore a vivid dystopian cityscape. Immerse yourself in an action-packed narrative backed by a captivating synthwave soundtrack.

General Information

Developer - Metacorp / Vaporware

Publisher - Movie Games S.A.

Genre - Early Access, Action, Adventure, Old School, Action RPG, Shooter, FPS

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 8 Nov, 2023

Available On


Cyberpunk first-person shooter with a rich story and RPG elements. You are Lucy, an enhanced street samurai searching for lost memories. Fight in large, open, interactive levels overtaken by yakuza, zombies, robots and bosses!

Uncover Lost Memories

In "Beyond Sunset," you step into the shoes of Lucy, a street samurai with a mysterious past. Awaken from cryostasis, your memories lost in the haze of hypersleep, you find yourself endowed with extraordinary abilities. Navigate the enigmatic narrative as you seek to regain your lost memories, embarking on a journey filled with intrigue and danger.

Gritty Cyberpunk World:

Explore Sunset City, a crime-ridden metropolis plagued by a deadly virus. Roam through large, open, interactive levels overrun by yakuza, zombies, robots, and menacing bosses. Engage in intense first-person combat, utilizing your lightning-fast reactions, combat skills, and near-supernatural agility to survive the dystopian chaos.

Master the Art of Gun Jutsu:

Upgrade an array of distinctive weapons, customizing your arsenal for maximum impact. Outmaneuver adversaries with swift dashes and slides, gaining the upper hand in combat. Unlock special abilities tailored for vertical combat scenarios, enhancing your tactical advantage in the heat of battle.

Role-Playing Shooter Experience:

Immerse yourself in the role-playing elements of the game, interacting with diverse NPCs and delving into the rich lore of Sunset City. Take on side missions, uncover hidden challenges, and upgrade Lucy's abilities to evolve into a formidable force. Navigate through the open levels teeming with life, each corner offering new challenges and playstyles to master.

Moddable to Your Imagination:

"Beyond Sunset" offers unparalleled modding freedom. Utilize GZDoom tools to create custom levels, design unique weapons, craft special attacks, and devise combat scenarios tailored to your vision. Share your creations with the passionate Doom modding community, expanding the game's universe with your inventive contributions.

Aesthetic Excellence:

Immerse yourself in the lo-fi aesthetic, drawing inspiration from classic first-person shooters like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Blood. Feel the pulsating energy of the game with an original vaporwave soundtrack composed by synthwave legend Karl Vincent, enhancing the cyberpunk atmosphere and elevating your gaming experience.

Embrace Mod Support:

"Beyond Sunset" embraces mod support, allowing players to unleash their creativity. Engage with a community of like-minded modders, sharing ideas, creations, and expanding the game's horizons together. Dive into a world where your imagination knows no bounds, and where the boundaries of the game are defined only by your creativity.

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