Gun Fight
Bally Astrocade game

General Information

Developer - Bally Astrocade

Publisher - Bally Astrocade

Release - 1977

Platform - Bally Astrocade

Number of players - 1P

Genre - Action

Gun Fight case

Gun Fight a fixed screen shooter where two players could compete in an old west gun fight. It was the first video game to depict human-to-human combat.

Gun Fight

When shot, the characters in the game fell to the ground and the words "GOT ME!" appeared above the body.

The game had two distinct joystick controls per player, with one eight-way joystick for moving the computerized cowboy around on the screen and the other for changing the shooting direction. Unlike other dual joystick games, Western Gun has the main joystick on the right instead of the left.

Other features of the game included obstacles between the characters which block shots, such as a cactus,and (in later levels) stagecoaches. The guns have limited ammunition, with each player given six bullets; a round ends if both players run out of ammo. Gunshots can also ricochet off the top or bottom edges of the playfield, allowing for indirect hits to be used as a possible strategy.

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