Galactic Invasion
Bally Astrocade game

General Information

Developer - Bally Astrocade

Publisher - Bally Astrocade

Release - 1981

Platform - Bally Astrocade

Number of players - 1P / 4P

Genre - Shooter

Galactic Invasion case

Galactic Invasion is a port of the Namco arcade game Galaxian for the Bally Astrocade. Alien ships come at your missile launcher from every direction.

Galactic Invasion Heading

They peel off from their formation singly or in groups of twos or threes. The more aliens you destroy, the more of their reinforcements attack. Each ship is piloted by a highly skilled captain capable of maneuvering with incredible agility.

Realistic sounds add to the intensity. Up to 4 players. Aim your missiles at the alien ships and score points for each one you hit! The colorful invaders spin around and soar across the screen in an attempt to destroy your base. Excitement builds as they collide into (or bomb) one after another of your bases. Exploding several of their ships will make the aliens angry — they'll attack you with greater speed and force than ever before.

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