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Atari Pong aka home pong released in 1975

In 1974, Atari engineer Harold Lee proposed a home version of Pong that would connect to a television: Home Pong.

General Information

Atari Pong aka home pong

Developer - Atari

Publisher - Atari

Release - 1975

Platform - Home Pong AKA Atari Pong

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Atari Pong aka home pong released in 1975

The system began development under the codename Darlene, named after an attractive female employee at Atari.

Alcorn worked with Lee to develop the designs and prototype and based them on the same digital technology used in their arcade games.

The two worked in shifts to save time and money; Lee worked on the design's logic during the day, while Alcorn debugged the designs in the evenings. After the designs were approved, fellow Atari engineer Bob Brown assisted Alcorn and Lee in building a prototype.

The prototype consisted of a device attached to a wooden pedestal containing over a hundred wires, which would eventually be replaced with a single chip designed by Alcorn and Lee; the chip had yet to be tested and built before the prototype was constructed. The chip was finished in the latter half of 1974, and was, at the time, the highest-performing chip used in a consumer product. It was relesae in 1975.

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