Atari 2600 game CX-2669

General Information

Developer - Dave Payne

Publisher - Atari Corporation

Release - 1982

Platform - Atari 2600

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Genre - Action

Vanguard case

Vanguard is a 1981 arcade game developed by TOSE, and published by SNK in Japan in 1981

 Vanguard Atari 2600 games

Vanguard is similar to Scramble, in that the player controls a ship urged along a surrounding conduit and with a limited amount of fuel that constantly depletes. Unlike Scramble, fuel is replenished by destroying enemies, so running out of fuel is less common. Some portions of Vanguard scroll vertically or diagonally.

The ship can fire lasers independently in any of the four cardinal directions using the four buttons. Flying into an energy pod makes the ship invulnerable for a short while, allowing both enemy ships and the tunnel walls to be destroyed by ramming.

The game is divided into two tunnel of multiple zones each. The first tunnel consists of Mountain Zone, Rainbow Zone, Styx Zone, Rainbow Zone 2, Stripe Zone, Rainbow Zone 3, Bleak Zone, and the City of Mystery/Last Zone. The second tunnel consists of Mountain Zone, Stripe Zone, Styx Zone, Rainbow Zone, Bleak Zone, and the City of Mystery/Last Zone. At the end of each tunnel the player must defeat a boss guarded by two moving force fields with holes in them.

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