Tron Deadly Disks by APH Technological Consulting and Telegames

General Information

Developer - APH Technological Consulting

Publisher - Telegames

Release - 1983

Platform - Atari 2600

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Genre - Action

Track and field case

As Tron, the player controls a red man with a yellow Disc. He is pitted in a square arena with black walls.

 Track and field Atari 2600 games

Enemies will appear through doorways and throw their Discs at him. The player has to eliminate all the enemies with his own Disc, as well as surviving bonus rounds against the Recognizer.

The player can throw the Disc in eight directions. When thrown, the Disc first appears as a thin horizontal line and can only move in a straight line. While in this mode, Tron's Disc (and any other Disc thrown in the game) can inflict damage, and can also "lock" doors (see below). When it reaches the wall (or when the player calls the Disc back by hitting any directional throw button), it automatically floats back to the player and appears as a square. It is harmless in this mode.

Unlike enemy Disc-throwers, Tron can block enemy Discs with his own. When an enemy Disc is blocked, it is destroyed and the enemy is temporarily disarmed until a replacement Disc floats in ten seconds later.

The doorways enemies appear in can be jammed so that they remain open between waves. Doorways appear blue when they first open, but will turn green if Tron either hits them with his Disc or runs into them. Blue doors close at the end of the current wave of enemies, but green ones remain open. If two doors directly across from each other are jammed open, Tron can run into one and immediately reappear at the other, allowing for easier dodging and Disc retrieval. Enemies cannot use the doors in this manner.

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