Swordquest Waterworld
Atari 2600 game CX-2671

General Information

Developer - Tod Frye

Publisher - Atari Corporation

Release - 1983

Platform - Atari 2600

Number of players - 1P

Genre - Adventure

Swordquest Waterworld case

Join the SwordQuest Challenge. Dive into the depths of WaterWorld and search for clues to win the Grand Prize of the WaterWorld contest.

 Swordquest Waterworld Atari 2600 games

A jewel-encrusted crown made at a cost of $25,000. Capture the Crown and compete for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery - a silver-bladed sword made at a cost of $50,000.

You'll need expert hand-eye coordination to navigate the school of octopi, the sea of sharks, and the fast-moving ice floes that block your journey. You'll also need a detective-type mind to figure out the numerical clues of this adventure-puzzle game, and to decipher the clues in the accompanying comic book.

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