Atari 2600 game CX-26117

General Information

Developer - Suki Lee

Publisher - Atari Corporation

Release - 1983

Platform - Atari 2600

Number of players - 1P

Genre - Action

Obelix case

The objective of Obelix the game is to help Asterix "stun" Roman soldiers (simply by running into them, and they turn white from blue) while you command good ol'Obelix to throws his oversized Menhirs down at stunned Romans with a splat.

Obelix atari games

If by any chance a stunned soldier is not whacked by a flying menhir, they turn "red" and hostile, which means Asterix is in trouble. In any case, he needs some good ol' magic potion from Getafix in order to defeat the "red" Romans, so be ready to catch some when Getafix comes knocking. There are 2 types of Roman soldiers to thump: the fat legionnaires and the small centurions. Centurions are worth more points.

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