Eddy Langfinger, der Museumsdieb by Quelle on the Atari 2600

General Information

Developer - Quelle

Publisher - Quelle

Release - 1983

Platform - Atari 2600

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Genre - Action

Eddy Langfinger, der Museumsdieb Case

In this game, the player plays a thief who must grab all eight valuable objects from the 'Mograth Stadtmuseum' within a certain time limit.

eddy langfinger der museumsdieb Atari games

Once the player reaches the top floor and has collected everything, they escape with a helicopter and the next level starts.

While sneaking around the museum, players have to avoid dogs and guards. The guards appear in the windows from time to time and can be avoided by standing between two windows. A new floor can be reached by running to the end of the current one and jumping through the hole. After the level is completed, the score is calculated by adding your remaining time and a new and harder round begins.

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