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Philly Flasher by PlayAround and Mystique on the Atari 2600

Another of the notorious adult-oriented Atari games developed and distributed under the guise, strangely enough, as "Swedish Erotica" by the unlicensed game maker Mystique.

General Information

Developer - PlayAround

Publisher - Mystique.

Release - 1982

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Adult

This release was a "2-in-1" release (and was billed as the world's first of its kind) this was accomplished with a flip-around cartridge with a game ROM on either end of the cart.Philly Flasher is a clone of the classic Kaboom!, only in this game, the bomber is replaced with a naked and well-endowed woman, the police are replaced with naked and enthralled men, and the rest is pretty much best left up to the imagination. In Cathouse Blues, you are a man out for a man or two hit the bank to get some cash, then sneak into one of many cathouses to find the ladies of the night and score some 'scores' before the cops catch you in the act! (The male and female roles of both games were swapped in the publisher's clones, Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em and Gigolo.)


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