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Mogul Maniac by Amiga for the Atari 2600

Mogul Maniac, made by Amiga for the 2600, was sold with the "Joyboard", a platform style controller.

General Information

Developer - Amiga

Publisher - Amiga

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Sports - Skiing

Watch your speed! As in real skiing, it is possible to get into a "runaway" where you have little control over your skis. If you miss a gate, don't sweat it. Concentrate on making the next one. If you get off the course and find yourselves in the trees, slow down and lean over until you are back on the course. Then you better hustle.

If you get disqualified, finish the run. You can probably use the practice. Experiment with your gate approaches and speed. Then concentrate on your next run.

Study the ski run charts provided in this manual. They will help you in mapping out each course. Watch for patterns in the various runs as you ski them. They'll also help you improve your times. Good luck. And break a leg (it had to be said...)


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