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Mission 3000 A.D. by Quelle and Bit Corporation on the Atari 2600

Mission 3000 A.D. is an Action game, developed by Quelle and published by Bit Corp., which was released in Europe in 1983.

General Information

Developer - Quelle

Publisher - Bit Corporation

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Shoot'em Up! - Asteroids

Mission 3000 is an arcade action game where you control the space ship Thunderhawk on a mission to destroy enemy starbases. On each level, there are six heavily guarded starbases which you need to locate and destroy. To help out, at the bottom of the screen is a scanner which shows the location of the Thunderhawk as well as the starbases. In the main view, the Thunderhawk is visible at the center of the screen which will scroll to follow your movement. To destroy the starbases and numerous attacking starfighters, the Thunderhawk is equipped with lasers which can be fired in eight different directions. When all six starbases have been destroyed, you are awarded an extra life before moving on to the next, more difficult level. The game ends when all of your lives have been lost.


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