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Master Builder by Spectravision on the Atari 2600

This version of Master Builder was designed for A­ta­ri 2600, which was commercially very successful video game console.

General Information

Developer - Spectravision

Publisher - Spectravision

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single-player

Genre - Puzzle

You are shown what you are to build for 5 seconds. To get the bricks, go to either side of the screen and press in that direction. To lay a brick, press fire then down. When Spectradog comes on the screen, you must jump over him by pushing the joystick to the upper right or upper left or he will make you lose one life.

As the building gets higher, the kid will steal the ladder. When the brat appears on the screen, you must get off the ladder or you will fall and lose one life. When the building gets to be several stories high, you must be leery of staying on the very top as lightning may strike and lose you a life. When you lose a life, you drop any bricks you were carrying.

Once the building is complete, you go all the way up the ladder and push up to call the helicopter to take you to the next site. If the building is not correct, the helicopter will pick you up but then drop you near the edge of the screen, losing you a life. There are game selections for unlimited time but limited bricks and unlimited bricks but limited time.


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