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Killer Satellites by Starpath Corporation on the Atari 2600

In Killer Satellites on the Atari 2600 you are a test pilot with an experimental craft that can stop the satellites. It is up to you to protect your home town.

General Information

Developer - Starpath Corporation

Publisher - Starpath Corporation

Release - Mar, 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Arcade, Shooter

For decades, the weapons satellites have orbited Earth harmlessly. Now, for unknown reasons, they have dropped from the sky to obliterate mankind.

You fly above your town's forcefield. Satellites will drop from the sky and show on the radar area at the screen top. You must fly to them and shoot them before they reach the town as they have the ability to penetrate the town's shields. Be aware of your fuel because if you run out of fuel, you lose a life. Also, be aware of the laser heat indicator just below the fuel gauge. If the laser gets too hot, it will not fire until it cools. The town's forcefield may not be able to stop the satellites, however, it will stop your craft so flying into it is detrimental to your health. In later levels, you must contend with meteors as well as satellites. You cannot shoot the meteors but they cannot penetrate the town's shields. You will be destroyed and lose a life, however, if you ram into one.


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