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Human Cannonball by Atari Inc on the Atari 2600

Human Cannonball is a non-military variant of an artillery video game released in 1979 by Atari, Inc. for the Atari VCS (later renamed the Atari 2600)

General Information

Developer - Atari, Inc.

Publisher - Atari, Inc.

Release - 1979

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single-player, two-player

Genre - Artillery game

The player must fire a cannon at the correct angle and speed to fire a human cannonball (a man shot from a cannon) into a water tower. each time the player records a "hit" they receive one point, whilst the computer receives a point each time the player misses, with the winning side being the first to get seven points. Eight different modes of play are available, with the differences between play-modes deciding whether the player can vary the distance from the cannon to the tower.

The player may also vary the size of the water tower to make it easier to hit

The game may be played in single-player mode, or in a two-player mode where each player takes turns.


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