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Final Approach ont the Atari 2600 by Apollo, Inc.

You are an Air Traffic Controller at a busy international airport.

General Information

Developer - Apollo, Inc.

Publisher - Apollo, Inc.

Release - 1982

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1 - 2 Players

Genre - Action

Literally thousands of lives are in your hands every day as you guide giant airliners and small private aircraft taking off and landing. You try to stay relaxed under the intense pressure of your job, but you must always be ready for emergencies.

Aircraft will enter your radar screen randomly. There may be up to four aircraft on the screen at one time. When these aircraft appear on the screen, they will not be heading in any fixed direction, so you must take
control to steer them in the desired direction. Each aircraft will remain on the last given heading, so you must constantly monitor this heading and change it so that the aircraft are spaced out in a matter in which they can achieve a safe and expeditious landing. The aircraft under your control must remain within the boundaries of your radar screen. If you allow an aircraft to go out of the boundaries, it may reappear at any point on the screen, and you will lose points. You must also insure your passengers' safety by keeping your aircraft spaced adequately. Allowing two or more aircraft to touch will be considered a near-miss, and you will be penalized for a control error (that is, one life).

Your objective in controlling the aircraft on your runway screen is to steer it so that it arrives at the end of the runway strobes heading toward the runway. From this position, the aircraft can make a landing on the runway if it is steered properly. If you do not position the aircraft over the end of the strobes, the aircraft cannot land. Once the aircraft has been positioned to start its approach, you must select the GCA screen to steer the aircraft down the glide slope (which shows the aircraft's altitude) and the localizer (which shows the aircraft's heading).


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