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Elevator Action on the Atari 2600 by Atari

Elevator Action is an unreleased prototype that is about 95% complete. There are some issues with collision detection, but overall it is quite playable.

General Information

Developer - Atari

Publisher - Atari

Release - N/A, (Prototype) 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Arcade

At Classic Gaming Expo 2001, CGE Services Corp. released Elevator Action with an Atari-style box and label. Around 200 copies of the game were available at the show and they were sold out by the day's end.

The basic idea behind this game is Elevators. Sure there is the requisite story about collecting secret documents, but basically this game is all about moving up and down in little elevators (and escalators), and shooting bad guys. But as long as Agent 17 ("Otto") is blasting the bad guys, then he might as well try and pick up the documents along the way, it is the least he can do.

The action is played out from a side view of a 30 floor building. Various blue doors, elevators, and escalators fill each floor, along with far too many enemy agents for my tastes. The elevators move up and down on their own, but you can control them once you are inside by pressing up or down respectively. The many enemy agents can be defeated by shooting them with your gun, jumping on top of them, shooting light fixtures, or crushing them with an elevator. Some floors are not lighted, and are fairly dangerous, because you can barely see the bad guys, I usually try to skip right past these floors to avoid losing yet another life.

Some floors include red doors, behind these red doors are the secret documents. You must enter all of these rooms to complete the level, so don't skip any of them. If you take too much time, then an alarm will be sounded and the game will get much harder. I suggest grabbing all the documents as quickly as possible, and then heading for the getaway car at the bottom of the building. Reaching the bottom awards you a bonus of 1000 points, and sends you to the next level. With each passing level the enemies change ever so slightly in the form of a smaller amount of time between their shots.


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