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The Atari 2600 game Dark Chambers by Atari

You're on a dangerous search, deep underground. Wraiths, wizards, and moldering skeletons surround you. Even now, a grim reaper stalks you.

General Information

Developer - Adam Clayton (Sculptured Software)

Publisher - Atari

Release - 1988

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1p

Genre - Arcade - Gauntlet

The exits take you -- where? Only deeper into the maze. Find weapons in the darkness and fend off your elusive enemies. Claim the treasure and fight your way even deeper into the caverns.

Your strength will outlast the weaker ghouls. But are you a match for the strongest?

You're lost in Dark Chambers. Enemies, treasures, and curses are scattered through all 26 levels from A to Z. Your goal is to survive all levels and take the greatest amount of treasure. Only by finding the hidden gates can you descend from one level to the next.

Your enemies -- dangerous ghouls -- are everywhere. At times they'll chase you. Other times they'll chase you. Other times they'll back off, but its a ploy -- they're trying to lead you further from the exits.

Move your joystick handle to move through the chambers. (In the early levels of play, beware of false doors that won't open.) Search each chamber for treasures and weapons. Pick them up by walking over them. (The treasures and weapons you pick up appear at the bottom of the screen.)

Stay away from the curses -- traps and poison. If you touch them, they'll take away your strength. Go through the exits to move on. (In a two-player game, you won't be able to walk any farther than you can see unless your partner goes with you.)

Ghouls drain your strength by touching you. Shoot them by moving your joystick handle in their direction and pressing the fire button. Be watchful, though, because you can't walk while you're shooting. Ghouls will use that time to move in and touch you.

Potions are also hidden in the chambers. When you find one, pick it up to renew your strength. A bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much strength you have left (up to 31 units).


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