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Cruise Missile on the Atari 2600 by Froggo

You control the Interwand Starship in this galactic adventure which takes place in the faraway galaxy of Interwand.

General Information

Developer - Froggo

Publisher - Froggo

Release - 1987

Platform(s) - tari 2600

Number of Players - 1

Genre - Shoot'em Up! - Horizontal Scrolling

Cruise Missile is a full-color action game for one player. It is designed to be played on the ATARI(R) Video Computer System(TM) VCS 2600 and 7800.
You control your own Starship in this space battle which takes place in the galaxy of Interwand. Your Interwand Starship is equipped to do battle with the enemy guard towers and spaceships of the planet Antiwand.

Your mission is to destroy the guard towers that protect the underground enemy settlement and enter the secret tunnel that leads to Antiwand. You must constantly be on the alert and attack the guard towers before they collide with and destroy your Starship. When you have destroyed 10 towers, you will go to Level 2 where you can enter the underground world of the Antiwands. It is here that you will do battle with Antiwand spaceships and underground missile command towers which will try to destroy your Starship.

The more Antiwand towers you destroy, the more the attack speed of the towers increases and the tunnel itself grows more and more narrow making your journey more perilous than ever.


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