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The Atari 2600 Game Cosmic Commuter

The players will take control of the Astrobus, a futuristic flying bus that has the capability to hold up to 8 commuters.

General Information

Developer - Activision

Publisher - Activision

Release - 1984

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1

Genre - Action

The players will start of each level where they will have to land the Rocket Module, if they land to hard the module with blow up and the level will restart. Once the Rocket Module has landed safely on the ground then it detaches the Astrobus.

The game does not feature a timer, however the Astrobus can run out of fuel so player will have to keep their eye out for fuel-pickups along the route. Just because there are to time limits does not mean that the players have all the time in the world, the commuters will not wait for ever and they will leave after some time so the player will have to hurry and pick them all up. When all the commuters have been picked up the next step is to return to the Rocket Module. Along the route the players will encounter obstacles that they can choose to destroy or to avoid, destroying them will give points but will slow the players down on their way to the commuters. Players will start the game with 3 buses at their disposal, and can earn a new bus each 10,000 points.

Cosmic Commuter is best described as a non-violent clone of Defender. The game starts with a bit of a Lunar Lander feel in that the player is given the task of landing a spaceship on a planet without smashing it to pieces. During the opening sequence, of course, the player has to adjust thrust so as to land the spaceship as gently as possible. Once landed, the top portion of the spaceship separates and the player is given the task of picking up eight people on the planet's surface looking for a ride to work. All the while, the player is avoiding asteroids and mines and running over "fuel" pods in order to keep those engines purring. The player, of course, can fire at will at obstacles and get them out of the way.


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