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Blue Print on the Atari 2600 released in June 1982

Developed by Ashby Computers and Graphics and licensed to Bally Midway.

General Information

Developer - Ashby Computers and Graphics

Publisher - Bally Midway, CBS Electronics

Release - June 1982

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - One Player

Genre - Maze

The player controls J.J., a man whose girlfriend Daisy is being chased by Ollie Ogre. To defeat Ollie, J.J. must find all the parts of a machine he has designed, assemble it, and use it to shoot Ollie. Controls consist of a joystick and a button.

The screen is divided into three sections. At the top is a ledge on which Ollie chases the girl, occasionally knocking down flowerpots that may hit J.J. The center portion is a maze of 10 houses. The bottom contains the machine's blueprint, a "start button", and a pit. Eight of the houses contain one machine part each, while the other two contain bombs; the contents of a house are only revealed when J.J. enters it. If a part is found, the player must move it into the proper position on the blueprint. If a bomb is found, the player must carry it to the pit before it explodes.

The player will always find a bomb in any previously visited house. Holding the button down allows faster movement, but speed can be used only for a limited time as shown by an on-screen gauge. The gauge is partially refilled when setting a newly found part on the blueprint.


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