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Adventures of the Pink Panther by Probe 2000

Also called Pursuit of the Pink Panther this game was never released to the public.

General Information

Developer - Roger Booth (Programmer), Todd Marshall (Programmer & Audio), Robbin Dainels (Graphics), & Jim Wickstead (Game Design)

Publisher - Probe 2000

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1

Genre - Action

While Pink Panther was apparently ready to be released, the March 1983 issue of Electronic Games reports that Probe 2000 did not have enough chips to actually produce it. Years later this game was found in a thrift store by a lucky collector. It's an action game featuring three screens of gameplay. The first is a city scene in which Inspector Clouseau drops bricks down toward the Pink Panther. As the Panther, you must catch the bricks and fill in the holes in the floor. Missing a brick creates another hole that must be filled. When you fill the holes, you move on to the next screen. You can walk left and right, jump, duck, and extend your tail by pressing the fire button.

The second screen takes place in a building with three floors and three elevators. Choose one of the elevator doors, and you will either ride the elevator, or be attacked by a bulldog, flying saucer, or dynamite. If that happens, you quickly choose another elevator until you get to the top, and move on to the next screen. Screen three is the actual diamond heist. You must guide the Pink Panther to jump on a moving rock, and then jump again to grab a swinging vine. Then you can turn upside down and grab the diamond in the center of the screen. Then an intermission screen will play to the tune of "We're in the Money" while the Panther kisses the diamond. Then the inspector lowers down a rope and steals the diamond back from the Panther so the game can start again.


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