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A Mysterious Thief on the Atari 2600 by ZiMAG / Emag / Vidco

Your goal is to steal as many items from the building before the timer expires.

General Information

Developer - ZiMAG / Emag / Vidco

Publisher - ZiMAG / Emag / Vidco

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1

Genre - Action

To accomplish this task you're going to have to be sneaky, because as we all know a clumsy thief is a dead thief. Unfortunately you're not alone, killer guard dogs and the local security man have been alerted to your presence and are out to put and end to your one man crime spree.

Within a platform system, the player must reach the purple line to be able to go up or down the floors. But beware, as several enemies will appear to disrupt you.

The Mysterious Thief was canceled before its release, being possible to play only the NTSC prototype version. A PAL version of this game called Criminal Pursuit was later released by Suntek.


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