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The Game Hoard is part of my goal to play every video game ever released. Along the way, I intend to review them in a professional yet easy to understand manner so that others may benefit from this journey.

 The Game Hoard

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The Game Hoard is a culmination of a life spent playing video games from all genres across all systems and loving every second of it. Whether the game's good or bad, old or new, the breadth of experiences video games have to offer have captivated me since I first picked up a controller and I always wanted to do something more than just play these amazing interactive experiences.

As my collection continued to grow, I saw more and more of what the medium had to offer and soon came to the realization that I wanted to see it all. Through this website, I will be able to share my long and varied journey through every video game ever released, providing both an informative look at how the game functions and evaluating the quality of the title through an easy to understand rating scale.

The Game Hoard

Doing away with inconsistent numbering systems, The Game Hoard places titles in one of seven easy to understand word-based rating tiers where it's quite clear whether the game is good or bad. Games are evaluated as part of the gaming whole as well, so the quality of the gameplay and story the game tells are much more important than something fleeting like price, graphics, or how the game compared to other titles at the time of release. This website aims to be the ultimate way to size up every video game against each other and learn just what each one has to offer.

The Game Hoard

In just its first year of existence, The Game Hoard has already covered 200 titles from all across gaming history! Titles both famous and obscure have been covered, with special review series like The Haunted Hoard highlighting Halloween appropriate games and special Disaster Reports providing in-depth coverage on the worst games ever made.

If you're interested in The Game Hoard covering specific games, The Game Hoard's Patreon is the perfect place to do so, and if you're a game developer looking to get coverage for your title, you can bet that this site that aims to play every game will cover it!

Either way, feel free to enjoy the fruits of this monumental journey to see everything the video game medium has to offer!

The Game Hoard
The Game Hoard