Sub Zero Sound
Sound Design & Implementation, VO Direction, Audio Editing & Mixing, Music Production

Matt Schenkel is a Melbourne-based sound designer with skills and experience across many different forms of media.

Sub Zero Sound

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Artist - Matt Schenkel

Other Names - Sub Zero Sound

Style - Sound Design & Implementation, VO Direction, Audio Editing & Mixing, Music Production

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While Matt's and his studio's primary work is in indie games, they also work with film and animation, as well as music production.

Matt co-founded Sub-Zero Sound in 2016 as he began work on Chroma Shift, a puzzle platforming game from Melbourne team DevOrDie Studios. 2 years later, Chroma Shift released on Steam to positive press.

Matt is currently working in post-production on a handful of short films and animations for Melbourne filmmakers, and looking for the next exciting indie game to get involved with.

With Sub-Zero Sound, Matt has worked on a range of titles, including the VR Instrument collection The Music Room, and League Of Monkeys' mobile title Torque Burnout.

Sub-Zero Sound is a collaboration between Melbourne-based audio engineers Matt Schenkel and Dan Penpraze. They take game audio seriously, and can take care of the sound in your project from beginning to end. Services they provide include concept/demo work, SFX creation, sound editing, implementation, music production, consultation & testing!

Matt plays bass and backing vocals in his band Wolves Among The Hallow. A fan of heavy metal and thrash music, his musical style is influenced quite a lot by these genres.

Elden: Path of the Forgotten Announcement Trailer


Untitled Birb Game Release Trailer

Chroma Shift Story Trailer (Audio excluding music composition)

Crossing (SFX, Edit, Mix)

Coffee Road (SFX)

Beneath The Ships (Vocal Recording, Edit, Mix)

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