Jade Fox
Character and Asset Modeler

I am working towards being an Environmental & Asset Modeler for video games. I've done 2D art commissions online for a few years and I have been an artist for even longer.

Jade Fox

General Information

Artist - Jade Fox

Other Names - Jade Fox

Style - Character and Asset Modeler

Website - www.jadeivyfox.com

Artstation - www.artstation.com/jadeivyfox

Social media

I initially started college with the goal of becoming a doctor, but after going to college and working full time I realized that if I was going to go into debt it should be for something that I am passionate about. I decided to branch out into gaming so that I could work a job that would be fulfilling.

I first got into gaming around the time I was 12. My new stepdad moved in during that time and he brought his PS2 with him. It was the first time I had seen a game console, but soon I would log hundreds of hours on it playing Crash Bandicoot and Roadkill. I grew up in a poor area, so every time I would go to a flee market or the used game store in town I would pick up a vintage console and some games.

I'm trying to catch up with some of gaming history right now, but I still think that there is alot of value in going back and playing old games. It's always amazing to go back and see how games evolved over time, as well as what shortcuts they used when technology was more limited. Seeing games that people clearly poured their soul into, like Bioshock, Horizon Zero Dawn, Conker's Bad Fur Day, or Splatoon is always great. I'm excited to be part of the bigger community of gaming and I'm looking forward to working with veterans in the business and learning as much as she can.

Fantasy Bridge

This is a Bridge that I made for my Environmental Modeling Class. I am currently re-working this project, and should have a new version up by November

Greives Weapon Style

This is a weapon style I designed based on the grieves in Soul Caliber 3. I always liked the fighting style in that game, and thought it was a shame that there weren't other bladed foot wear weapons. I designed a few with different styles in mind then modeled out the one that seemed like it would look best in 3D.

I'm happy with how this came out, though next time I think Ifll try to push the engravings deeper.

Check out Jade on Art Station here!

Pumpkin Cafe

This is one of the earlier things I modeled for school. It was for a project where my class made a town based on "The Nightmare Before Christmas" world, but in a Thanksgiving based town.

I have been re-working this scene and texturing it, so expect an update in the future.


Spell Pixel

This is a pixel that I made for the 4th day of Octobit (the Pixel version of Inktober) The prompt was "Spell." This was a fun experiment of lighting in pixel form


Tranquility Pixel

This is a pixel that I made for the 2th day of Octobit (the Pixel version of Inktober) The prompt was "Tranquility." This was the first pixel scene I have ever made, and I am very proud of it.


Sin-Ga RPG Pixel

This is a picture I did for my sister who wanted digital art of her Dungeons and Dragons character.

Jade Fox

Puppet Commission

This is a collaboration I did with Dav-P for an original song called Puppet. I did the art and made the video for them.



This is a piece I did for a video my friend was making. I experimented with alot of new shading styles while making this