Edwin Dizer Composer for Media Orchestral, EDM, Chiptune, World Music, Anything you want!

I have long been interested in music for media. I aim to take the interaction between music and picture beyond just a craft and find the art in how music can add meaning to things.

Edwin Dizer Composer for Media

General Information

Artist - Edwin Dizer

Other Names - Edwin Dizer

Style - Composer: Orchestral, EDM, Chiptune, World Music, Anything you want!

Social media

I have written music for Chimp Productions, adverts, Youtubers, and indie games. I am a keen gamer, and love well-made TV and film.

Listen to samples of my work on Soundcloud, and if you like what you hear then get in touch for an original soundtrack for your media!

I am a versatile composer who is comfortable with anything from chiptune to vast orchestral scores. This means I can bring media with various times and places to life very effectively. Whatever your media needs, I can deliver it to a high standard!

I have been given musical training since the age of 4, studied Music at the highly respected Royal College of Music and University of Manchester, and I've been composing since the age of 10, so I'm not just a dabbler or amateur but I really know what I'm doing and understand a broad range of styles.

If you like, I can send you a free sample of the kind of music I'd write for your media (send me a scene or setting and I can compose something specific, you have nothing to lose!). I can also send more tracks than you would find on my Soundcloud.