Apocalypse Party: 3D Action Roguelike Adventure - Master Abilities in the Medieval World

Embark on an immersive 3D top-down action Roguelike adventure with 'Apocalypse Party.' Master abilities, forge alliances, and navigate a fantastical medieval world. Experience diverse combat styles, innovative talents, and engage in online co-op battles. Explore a rich lore and face the ultimate challenge against powerful bosses. Join the revelry in the apocalypse!

General Information

Developer - Breaker Games

Publisher - Breaker Games

Genre - Casual, Singleplayer, Action Roguelike, Top-Down Shooter, Online Co-Op, Shoot 'Em Up, Roguelite

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 1 Dec, 2023

Available On


Apocalypse Party is a 3D top-down action Roguelike game. In this game, you will embark on a new mission to traverse through the Middle Ages and gradually master abilities, and arm yourself to become the strongest survivor through numerous choices.

Immersive Roguelike Adventure

Welcome to 'Apocalypse Party,' a gripping 3D top-down action Roguelike that plunges players into a fantastical medieval world. Whether you're a seasoned 'Project Zero' player or new to the series, this installment offers an immersive adventure of loss and redemption. Prepare to traverse the Middle Ages, master abilities, and become the strongest survivor through a myriad of choices.

Rich Storytelling and Challenges:

Experience a captivating storyline filled with time travel, apocalypse, and unknown challenges. Delve deeper into the long-standing battle introduced in 'Project Zero.' Face an array of incredible challenges as the moment of apocalypse approaches. However, the beloved RogueLike gameplay remains, now enhanced with engaging mechanics and the option to face the catastrophe online with friends.

Engaging and Deep Mechanics:

Discover an expanded talent pool of 450, each capable of changing the course of battle. Encounter hundreds of distinct ranged and melee weapons, divine ultimate skills, and varied hero characters. The richness has increased by more than 10 times compared to the former installment. Can you build the strongest combo and face the ultimate challenge?

Multiplayer Action and Boss Battles:

Join the hunting party in multiplayer mode, supporting up to 3 players online. Confront massive hordes of zombies, engage in exhilarating mowing-down action, and enjoy the thrill of surviving with friends. Face highly challenging bosses, grow rapidly to withstand fierce attacks, and show them who’s boss now!

Time Traveling and Continuation:

Embark on a brand new storyline involving time travel, exploring familiar yet strange worlds. Continue a tale of redemption amidst tragic deaths, nuclear explosions, eerie rebirths, deathly quiet towns, and dark dungeons. Unravel the mysteries and challenges that await you in this enchanting medieval setting.

Continuous Focus on Gameplay Experience:

Listen to player feedback and continuously improve the combat system for a more fluid gaming experience. Explore combat methods like melee weapons, firearms, spells, summoning, and witchcraft. Drive vehicles, summon planes, and use otherworldly abilities. The game encourages an online experience, yet the single-player mode offers the joy of exploration.

Diverse Combat Styles and Online Co-op:

Experience diverse combat styles catering to various preferences, from firearms and melee weapons to spells and summoning arts. Utilize an innovative talent system to forge a personalized combat style. Engage in online co-op battles, inviting friends to join the revelry in the apocalypse. Easy to get started, yet 'easy to learn, hard to master!'

Enhanced Sequel Features:

Enjoy improved gameplay fluidity, robust combat systems, a wider variety of enemies, and increased numbers contributing to a heightened and thrilling player experience. 'Apocalypse Party' builds on the foundation of 'Project Zero,' offering an enhanced sequel with engaging lore, challenges, and an unforgettable adventure in a medieval world.

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