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MG1008 Backgammon on the APF-MP1000:
A Classic Gaming Console from the Late 1970s

APF-MP1000 console introduced classic board games like MG1008 Backgammon to 1970s gamers with its functional interface & joystick controls.

MG1008 Backgammon

General Information

Developer - APF Electronics Inc.

Publisher - APF Electronics Inc.

Release - 1978

Platform - MP-1000 Cartridge based

Number of players - 1P / 2P

APF MP1000 Logo

The APF-MP1000 gaming console, released in the late 1970s, was a popular choice for gamers looking to play classic board games like Backgammon. With a simple and functional graphical interface, players could easily move their pieces around the board using the console's joystick.

Additionally, the game offered various difficulty levels and options for playing against the computer or another human player. Backgammon on the APF-MP1000 remains a solid implementation of the classic game and holds a special place in the history of gaming consoles.

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