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MG1001/MG1002 Catena A Classic Puzzle Game for APF MP1000

Catena was a popular puzzle game for the APF MP1000 console in 1979. Connect chains of colored balls to clear the screen and progress through multiple levels of increasing difficulty. With simple yet challenging gameplay and catchy music, Catena established itself as a classic game in video game history, loved by retro gaming enthusiasts and collectors.

MG1001/MG1002 Catena

General Information

Developer - APF Electronics Inc.

Publisher - APF Electronics Inc.

Release - 1978

Platform - MP-1000 Cartridge based

Number of players - 1P / 2P

MG1001/MG1002 Catena

One of the cartridges released for the APF MP1000 was Catena, published in 1979. Catena was a puzzle game in which the player had to connect chains of colored balls to clear the screen. The game had multiple levels of increasing difficulty and required strategic thinking and quick reflexes to complete.

The gameplay of Catena was simple yet challenging, and the colorful graphics and catchy music made it a popular game among APF MP1000 owners. The game was praised for its addictive gameplay and innovative mechanics, and it helped to establish the APF MP1000 as a viable competitor to other home consoles of the time, such as the Atari 2600 and Intellivision.

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