Android Hunter A by Digiolox Studios on Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam

Android Hunter A is a new breed of the action platformer, featuring A, an android fighting along side the United Rebellion

General Information

Developer - DigiPlox Studios;

Publisher - DigiPlox Studios;

Release - TBA

Platform(s) - Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Action Platformer, Side Scroller, 2.5D, 3D, Platformer, Anime

In an attempt to quell the menacing android uprising and learn the truth behind the mysterious Base Metal.

” With the imminent discovery of the enigmatic Base Metal insulating the activity between humans and androids, its contestable power and properties made the idea of coexistence futile. The intrinsic androids began to overtake various man-made environments and creations, establishing their presence in the busy streets of future earth, the endless greenery and universal gifts bestowed unto the world by nature, and even the industrious areas that strove to enhance themselves through the use of robotics. The sluggish advancements were not to be waited on, as the rejuvenating effect that the Base Metal had on the androids was unavoidable; the takeover was just a matter of time… “

The story of Android Hunter A takes him to new and unseen places around the world, witnessing secretive underground fortresses, neon lit cities and other vast landscapes. If you’re hungering for an awesome new action platformer that brings the most memorable elements of classic sidescroller shooters of the past and revitalizes them into the current generation of gaming, then Android Hunter A is the game for you!

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