Alexey's Winter: Night adventure by Nezhysoft

1980. A dark snowy winter somewhere in the USSR. This is where an atmospheric 2D Point-and-Click adventure starts. The game consists of 3 episodes, is non-violent and easy to play. The graphics are completely pencil drawn.

General Information

Developer - Nezhysoft

Publisher - Nezhysoft

Genre - Point and click / adventure

Platform(s) - Steam and Google Play

Date Released - 4 April 2021 (Steam)

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Alexey's Winter: Night Adventure

An atmospheric point and click adventure game. You can interact with items and talk to different characters. The graphics are completely pencil drawn. The quest takes place on a dark and snowy night somewhere in the Soviet Union.

Initial release

A short version (only episode 1) of this game has already been released for mobile and has gained over 200.000+ downloads.

Since April 2021 it is has been ported to Steam.


The game consists of 3 episodes. While in each episode there is an end goal that needs to be accoumplished, the game is focussing on the typical daily life, small incidents and the overall atmosphere. The story is often non-linear, so the overall experience can be versatile.

alexeys-winter-night-adventure alexeys-winter-night-adventure
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